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Engraved Acrylic Bag Tags Premium Acrylics

Engraved Acrylic Bag Tags Premium Acrylics

$ 4.00

Engraved Acrylic tags with Premium Acrylics start at just $6 each.  Two sided engraving is $1.   Standard shapes are 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" rectangle or 3 1/2 circle.  Custom shapes available for $1.  Get a $2 discount per tag by including our logo on the front, or a $1 discount per tag including our logo on the back.   There is a 10 tag minimum order per acrylic syle..


NOTE: Some of the Beautiful Premium acrylic patterns will make the engraving harder to read especially if it is really detailed or small.  

Marble: Pink, Grey, turquoise, red, green, blue, and bronze.  Good for engraving both sides.

Glitter: Green, black, gold, silver, rose gold, copper, red, blue, multi, purple, pink, dark purple.  Good for engraving on both sides.

Frosted: Clear, green, yellow, glass green, blue, orange, pink.  Due to the transparency its only good for engraving on one side.  

Galaxy: These are like multi colored marble with glitter mixed in to make stars.  Black/purple, orange, red, black/green/pink, purple, black/green/blue.  Good for two sided engraving. 

Party confetti: All the party confetti are multi colored but I will list the main color here.  Purple, blue, Mix, silver, clear and red.  All can be engraved on both sides except the clear.

Polka Dot: Blue and gold, purple and gold, multi, red gold and black, black white and gold, purple blue and gold.  Only good for one sided engraving. 

Wood: Red wood, dark wood, brown wood, and light wood.  The wood pattern is only on one side, the other side is tan.  Can be engraved on both sides.

Mirrored: Green, bronze, red, blue, purple, silver, pink, gold, and rose gold.  Can only be engraved on one side.  Back of mirror is grey. 

Iridescent: Hard to get a good picture of this but its clear iridescent, looks really awesome.  Only engravable on one side. 

Email your artwork or logo, and what info you want on the tags to andrew@phoenixdiscs.com.   Also include what color/colors you would like.

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