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Team Phoenix Discs

Team Owner

Andrew Felker


Bethlehem, PA

Division MA3/MA2

I have been playing disc golf for over 11 years, during the first few years of Phoenix Discs I worked my way to a rating over 900 and was finishing top 3 in intermediate fairly regularly.   After a knee injury that kept me sidelined for awhile I have been working on my game in Recreational but kids and a booming business keeps me from practicing as much as I want to.  I will always love the game of Disc golf and continue to play as often as I can.  I will also keep playing tournaments even if I walk up to the first hole after not throwing a disc for a few weeks.


Performance Team

2022 Team Captains

Ryan Brown and Lily Fancher



Angela Wilson

Division FPO
"I started learning to play disc golf in Feb 17. Since then I have played many tournaments including a NT in Vegas called The Las Vegas Challenge. I placed 2nd and had an incredible time meeting new disc golfers from all over. I have played 37 events and have a total of 20 career wins."

 Kelby Roberts

Pgda #72690

Kunkletown, PA

Playing since 2011 Throwing style: RHBH Favorite discs: echo dd3, XXX, ce teebird, 4x Thunderbird, kc pro roc, mercy, swan reborn 1. Accomplishments: 2x Phoenix disc Easton open champion, 2x consecutive fall twin grove open champion, Lead card video coverage New Jersey state champions 2020 I like to travel and play disc golf as much as I can all over the country. I’ve been very fortunate to get to play over 250 courses and look forward to playing many more! Thanks to Andrew and Pheonix discs for the awesome opportunity in 2021!




Timothy Moyer

Pdga: 84632
Divison: ma1/mpo 
From: Allentown, PA
Favourite course: Block House 
Hobbys: Cars, cats, bowling, exploring whiskeys. 
Just a disc golfer from Allentown, PA enjoying the outdoors while throwing plastic circles at metal chains.  Disc golf has helped change and shape my life and I hope to bring that joy to others on the course.  I'm never really lost, just wandering.  

Ethan Darby


Location: Yorktown, IN, USA

Member since: 2020

PDGA #148196

Division: MA1


I started playing disc golf three years ago when my youth pastor, Andrew, gave me my first discs to get started. I’ve loved the competition, community, and fun, ever since then! I throw Discraft and DGA exclusively. I love to travel, meet new people, compete, and most importantly, have fun throwing discs! 

Instagram: ethandarby8


Joe Fancher

PDGA #72757

Wind Gap Pa

Work for Innovative Ergonomic Solutions. Favorite courses, Camp Tecumseh and Maple Hill. Been playing for almost 10 years.


Lily Fancher

“I started playing disc golf 7 years ago along with my father who inspired me to get out and play. I only started playing competitively in 2018. I have played in 11 events and placed first in 4. I am also a northeast junior national champion in FJ18. I help run the Moore Township Disc Golf community.”

Ryan Brown

Wind Gap, PA
I started playing disc golf on Christmas Day 2013. It was the best gift I could ever hope for. Started at the bottom with an eagerness to learn all I could about the sport. Seven years later I have moved up to play open for the most part and love to share what I’ve learned to anyone who wants to know. I have played 81 events and placed in many of them winning six outright. I love to travel and play bigger events whenever possible especially the glass blown open in Kansas. Met my best friends playing this game and a community like none other. Disc golf is my church.


Justin Bass 

PDGA#: 126707
Northampton, PA
Division: MPO
Favorite courses: Jordan Creek, PA and Bradford Park, NC
Favorite discs: Innova Pig, Innova Firebird, Big Jerm Thunderbird, MVP Anode, Kastaplast K2 Kaxe
I learned about disc golf back in high school and played a couple times a year for about 6 years. The summer of 2019 I started playing a lot more often and was told to try a tournament by a coworker. I played the Easton Open, sponsored by Phoenix Discs, as a MA3 player. Once I got a taste of competition I was instantly hooked. Since then I’ve played 9 more tournaments, and won 4 of them. My last tournament of the year was my anniversary at the Easton Open which I pulled out the win in the Advanced division. 
The greatest part about disc golf is the wonderful community that has been built around the sport. I have met some of the most helpful, passionate and hardworking people through disc golf and for that I am grateful. 
For 2021, I am incredibly honored by Andrew to be apart of Team Phoenix Discs! 
“Anyone can throw a disc, it’s the mental game that is the hardest to win” 
Instagram: jbass18 

Jacob Wade

Location: Burlington, NC, USA

Member Since: 2013

PDGA Number: 61695

Dominant Hand: Right

Throwing Style: Backhand

Division: Advanced

Memorable disc golf moment:

In 2019 at a USDGC Doubles event that I was the Tournament Director for. After hitting a tough putt on the final hole, we found ourselves in a tie for the win. On the first playoff hole, the other team parked it, with us leaving it about 70ft short. I nailed the putt in front of the entire tournament field to stay alive. We went on to win it two holes later.

Make time for practice. Weekday putting sessions lead to weekend birdies. 

Win my first Advanced Singles tournament. Finish the year rated above 970.

Harry "Birdy Harry" Ward

From: Middletown, NJ.


I began playing Disc Golf in May of 2013. A friend at the time just happened to be driving by Hacketts Park in Easton PA and noticed some people throwing frisbees at baskets with Chains. Of course we had to try it!! I became immediately hooked. For almost the 1st full year, I would only play Hacketts Park, and with a Wham-O frisbee! I later met a Disc Golf Legend named Cubby. He taught me about the PDGA, Tournaments, Leagues, etc. I became even more drawn to the sport and joined the PDGA in 2014 and began playing competitively in Tournament play. Cubby also took the time to teach me the game, most importantly; how to PUTT!! Cub and I had over 150 rounds played together before his untimely passing in 2017. RIP Cubby #14567. I now play nearly 25 Tournaments per year. Ive won 24 PDGA events; 22 as an Amatuer and 2 as a Professional. I’ve also recorded 23 Aces while playing! I now play in the Pro Masters Division (MP40). I truly enjoy getting the chance to throw with new players and help them progress. Its super satisfying to see their happiness when something in their game “clicks” and they get that Ahhh Haaaa moment! That’s what keeps all of us coming back for more. I also enjoy the competition in Tournament play and going to battle it out with some good friends whom I’ve met along the way. Its always a good time with alot of laughs and most importantly; Fun!

Joel Dewhurst


New Hampshire

"When I was a kid in the woods of Maine my older siblings set up a “Frisbee golf” course in our yard. Hand painted wooden shingles attached to trees made the holes, and we used cheap lids my dad would get at conventions. I threw my first disc golf disc at Camp Berea in NH when I was working on staff, but the first time I played on a real course was in college at Cedarville University when they installed a nine hole course on campus. After graduation I moved to NH in 2014, and since I was in a long distance relationship (with my now wife) I needed something to fill the evenings. I had four discs, and started playing 4-5 times a week. The next year I joined the Bellamy League, finishing 38th. This last year I was league champion. I’m on the Bellamy Park Disc Golf Club Board of Directors, and teach disc golf classes as part of my works’ wellness program. I predominately throw Left hand Backhand, and my favorite disc is the Innova Atlas"


Daphne Chen

PDGA #159297
Favorite Discs: Diamond, Underworld, Vandal, Mamba I started playing in 2019 and my first home course was Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. On the weekends we would get on the first bus at 5am to get to the park by sunrise and we would get our rounds in before the course got too busy. After the city was shut down due to the pandemic, we moved back home to Massachusetts. In 2021 I started playing in competitive events and testing myself at different courses, which has helped me improve greatly. In my spare time, I like to custom dye my own discs! I look forward to representing Team Phoenix Discs for 2022 and bringing my game to the next level!

Patrick Chrinko

Division MA1/Pro

PDGA #103255

I started playing in 2017 and competitively in 2018, my home course is Lehigh parkway and my favorite course is camp tecumseh. I've ran lvdcs league for about 3 years and I'm the director of player affairs for them as of 2021. 2022 is my TD debut as I'm going to be running a minimum of 3 events this year most likely 5.



Heather Brown



I started casual play back in the early 2000s and had no idea people played tournaments until 2013.  I stated playing in the Lehigh Valley, my first course ever played was at Lake Nockamixon, what an introduction!  Disc golf change my life.  I met my husband through disc golf and have fostered many great friendships through the sport.  I enjoy traveling to play at different courses throughout the USA.  I'm looking forward to the 2022 season!

Shea Stevens


Philadelphia, Pa

I began playing around 2008. Previously, I was part of my college Ultimate club, and we would play object golf when we didn't have enough players for a game. We soon discovered disc golf was an actual game and went to the nearest course, French Creek. Despite barely surviving the round playing with only an Innova Pulsar, I was hooked. After returning home to the Philly suburbs, I began attending Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance events, and soon began hosting tags and joined the board in 2016. On the course, I have progressed up to the MA1 division where I continue to work on my game. When not playing, I host beginner clinics in the area and work with pros to offer more advanced sessions for higher skilled players. In 2020, I began a Youtube channel to help new players and have grown the channel to include course previews, casual rounds, product reviews, etc. For the 2021 season my goals are to continue my progress after recovering from an injury, host at least 2 clinics, and to have as much fun as possible!

Arlene “Condor” Gurka


New Jersey

I started playing disc golf back in 2012 at the American Legion course in Mountain top Pennsylvania. I quickly grew to enjoy the sport because it was something that was exciting, challenging, most importantly, fun!

I would go and throw with my brother and my friends on the dart league, but once I started playing in tournaments and meeting more people, I found that the sport had so much more to offer from leagues to tags and even doubles.

Since then, I’ve become known for baking an assortment of cookies for the players and to collect donations for an organization or a facility where the tournament was being held. I act as a secretary on the Oak Ridge Park Disc Golf board and lead the tree committee so that we can continue our efforts to provide beautiful trees on the course which will offer safety to both golfers and park goers alike.

For the past two years, I’ve held a charity disc golf tournament to raise money for Second Chance pet adoption league based out of Dover New Jersey. Here they care and foster animals until they find their forever homes.

My goal is to play and improve my game all while having fun!



Marcelino Salcedo

Pdga# 110256
"I am from Oklahoma, where in most tournaments I compete in the recreational division. I have been playing for almost 3 years. I throw a mixed bag, my favorite discs are:
Distance driver: innova destroyer 
Fairway driver: leopard3
Midrange: discraft buzzz
Putter: gateway ssss wizard"


Dave Dimmick Jr

Allentown, PA
Dave probably doesn't get to play as much disc golf as he would like these days, but Dave has been a huge help in the growth of Phoenix Discs over the last few years.  He CO-TDs Once Around the Mountain with me and is always coming up with new ideas to help grow the business and the sport of Disc Golf.