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About us

My name is Andrew Felker and I am the owner of Phoenix Discs.  I have been an avid disc golfer in eastern Pennsylvania for many years and over those years I have enjoyed many rounds of casual play as well as tournament play.  I am passionate about the sport and I love playing with friends and meeting new people from everywhere.  It wasn't long after I started playing that I also came to enjoy hand cutting stencils and doing custom artwork on my discs, as well as creating cool custom minis.  I began creating these strictly for my own personal enjoyment until friends started to ask me to do some for them.  I have donated some of my work to local tournaments for raffles and CTP prizes and the positive response has been overwhelming.  What started as a small, side hobby of making only a few items at a time grew to a genuinely monumental project when I began receiving requests for large orders for tournaments.  It was at this point that I decided to open Phoenix Discs and take my pet project to the next level.  Phoenix Discs officially opened for business in February of 2016.  Equal to my love of Disc Golf is my love to create and design things.  In addition to the custom minis, I create custom trophies, disc hangers, and have even been doing movie props and cosplay items.  


Andrew Felker, owner/designer - Phoenix Discs