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Wholesale, Bulk, and tournament info.

We have many options for wholesale, bulk, and tournament orders.  For any of these orders we offer bigger discounts the more you order.  We can do orders of 10, we can do orders of 1000 or more.  With bulk and wholesale orders we do have a few Facebook pages that we ask that you do not sell on when you get a discount.  We sell some of our custom minis on a few different Facebook groups.  If you pay full price you are welcome to sell anywhere but if you get a large bulk or wholesale discount we will give you a list of just a few groups we ask you not to resell in.

  For tournaments we offer package pricing for your trophy orders as well as Disc Hanger sample packs for your player packs.  We have also done large mini orders for player packs as well.  We will be expanding into bag tags and other items shortly.