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Custom Disc Golf Mini Information


 2.25.2019 UPDATE: I have temporarily taken the custom minis off the online store.  I still have many made up, and am still creating custom minis.  I took them off the store because with tournaments a lot of minis come and go, and it was hard keeping up with the inventory online.  Also most people looked at the mini catalog and then ordered a custom one.  If you are interested in a custom mini just email me or message me on Facebook.  I can show you what I have made up or design a custom one.  Below I have some example pictures.  


 Here at Phoenix Discs we design and create all types of custom Disc Golf Minis.  They usually range from 3 & 3/4" to 4" wide and can range from 1/4" to 5/8" thick.  They can be domed or flat.  They are made of hard durable resin and can have many items encased in them such as glitter, cake sprinkes, figures, and tons more.  They can also come in a wide variety of colors and even be made to glow in the dark.  Currently we make standard minis which sell for around $9.99.  Standard Glow minis sell for around $12.99.  Premium minis can range from $14.99 to $39.99.  Bulk pricing is available for your tournament or fundraiser for orders of 7 or more minis.  We also do wholesale orders for retail locations.  Please contact us at andrew@phoenixdiscs.com for our bulk price sheet. For larger orders please allow us time to get them ready.  If you are ordering a large order such as 72 minis, we would appreciate at least 3 weeks notice. If you need a rush order please contact us.  Additional charges may apply for rush orders.