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The original Phoenix Discs DISC HANGERS!

I see so many people that want to display there Collectors Discs, Tournament Discs, and Ace Discs on their walls but there really was not a good solution for hanging them.  So I decided to design and make the new Phoenix Discs Disc Hangers.  They come in two options. One is a single screw design, and the other takes either a thumbtack or two finishing nails.


This gives you 3 different options depending on the material of your wall. I have tested these with many types of discs and they hang incredibly well and unlike using a thumbtack by itself, these will hang flat against the wall.  These are available in Black and White, other colors are available upon special request, and can be purchased in smaller packs available in our store, or large bulk amounts available by contacting us at andrew@phoenixdiscs.com.  We can also do custom packs for players packs, prizes, etc.   We also now offer hardware packs and alignment tools.