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Phoenix Discs Coast 2 Coast Bag Tags

Phoenix Discs Coast 2 Coast Bag Tags

$ 10.00

Phoenix Discs coast 2 coast bag tag league.

It doesn’t matter if you play by yourself, with a group of close friends, or with a large league, the Phoenix Discs coast 2 coast bag tags are for you!


Why join the Phoenix Discs coast 2 coast bag tag league?

First, you will receive a uniquely numbered bag tag to display on your bag.

Second, you will be invited to join a members only Facebook group where you can interact with other tag holders.

Third, will be able to play other people for the tags wether it’s having your own group of friends that are all tag holders, meeting other tag holders on the course or at big events around the country.

Fourth, being a bag tag holder will automatically enter you into a monthly drawing where you can win prizes such as discs, baskets, range finders, bags, etc. The monthly drawings will be done by the members name, so you do not have to worry about swapping tags with people you play. 

Fifth, you have the option to enter into a country wide ace pot each month. The way the ace pot works is by the day before you play in any qualifying events(official leagues, tournaments, doubles events, etc.) you use a link on our site to enter your name and what event you are playing, and pay in $5 to the ace pot. At the end of every month we will pay out to any verifiable aces that meet the requirements. Requirements


Enter the Ace Pot HERE

Sixth, there is nothing wrong with getting a tag for yourself if you play a lot of solo rounds, but if you buy multiple tags at once, for you and your buddy, or for your group of 30 friends, I will include additional add on numbers so you can have numbers 1 through whatever for your specific group size.

Lastly, if you are a tag holder and you see Phoenix Discs setup at any event you can get 10% off any purchases made at the booth by showing your tag.


How much does it cost?

Phoenix Discs coast 2 coast bag tags are $10 and are good for one calendar year. Right now 2023 tags are available. They can be purchased here. 



I’m only one person, or I don’t play tournaments, why should I buy a tag?

If you only play by yourself or so not play any qualifying events for the ace pot having a tag still gives you free entry into the monthly drawing, and chance to meet other tag members that might be in your area. If you play with just a small group of friends you can each have a tag, have access to all the perks, and also play each other for bragging rights.


What makes an event a qualifying event for the ace pot?

The course must be verifiable on UDisc.

All tournaments sanctioned or not with online scoring qualify.

Leagues and weekly doubles can qualify if they do some kind of online scoring. If you are not sure about your event just email me with this template and I can approve the event.

What if I lose me tag?

If you lose your tag a replacement can be purchased for $5. Even if you lost your tag you are still eligible to be in the drawings and ace pot as your tag purchase makes you a member for the year.

 Can I buy more than 1 tag for myself?

There is no restriction on how many you can buy. 

How much of the ace pot money gets paid out?

$4 out of the $5 paid in go directly to the ace pot fund. The other $1 covers fees, administrative work, and towards the monthly drawings. At the end of the month the entire ace pot fund is paid out to any aces for the month.


How many times can I sign up for the ace pot?

You sign up and pay $5 for any event you play. If you play 10 qualifying events in one month you can pay into the ace pot for each event. You can win with multiple aces in a month as well.


It’s late in the year, why should I buy a tag for this year?

Even if there are only a couple months left to the year you can still become a member and win ace pots and monthly drawings. The end of year monthly drawing will be extra special.

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